Poppy's Parlour Dog Grooming

Professional Grooming

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Dog Grooming

Small, medium large and extra large dogs welcome

Bath, dry and de shed- a warm wash with a selected vegan shampoo and dry then lots of brushing to remove loose undercoat. Ears cleaned and nails clipped and a little spray of doggy cologne to finish.

Full groom- a warm wash with a selected vegan shampoo to suit your dogs needs,

Dry then clipped/styled, nails clipped and ears cleaned, then a little spray of cologne to finish.

Puppy Intro visit- gets your puppy used to the grooming process with a Intro visit, includes a wash and dry, face and feet and hygiene areas trimmed, ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

Gets your puppy used to the sounds in the grooming room before a full groom a treat or two may be given and lots of cuddles too!

Brightening shampoo and facial scrub treatment- a natural alternative which do not contain any bleaches and dyes great for enhancing the brightening white and colours dogs. The facial scrub and natural tear stain treatment is wheat free and great for mucky smelly faces and beards, it is also anti bacterial and has a lovely smell. from £5.00 extra.

Nail shape and file- great for sharp claws as the file gently shapes and smoothes so no sharp edges, also good for dogs that not like nails clipped. From £5.00 extra.

Nagayu spa treatment- a wonderful spa treatment which contains CO2, this increases blood flow and helps speed up the healing process, good for dogs with skin conditions,It can help dogs with dandruff, hotspots, yeast infections, odours, itching and older less mobile dogs a lovely relaxing treatment. From £5.00 extra.

Emmi pet teeth cleaning- a non invasive silent motion ultrasonic wave technology. Helps dogs bad breath, great for overall oral hygiene, helps improve plaque and tartar buildup, as can reach below the gum line to kill germs. From £20 for first session.

These treatments can be added to any groom package, the teeth cleaning can be done as a stand alone service too.

Nail cutting only

I am not insured nor trained to extract anal glands.

I also offer a collection and delivery service locally for a small added fee.