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Long haired breeds need their loose undercoat removing with a specialised shampoo, A de-shed brush and blast with a dryer to help air circulate to their skin to help with regulating their temperature. Loose fur can be itchy for your dog and can cause distress for your furry friends. Regular grooming of these breeds can dramitically help with moulting and keeping the fur in good condition.

Smaller dogs like shih tzus and cockapoos do not moult generally so their fur is growing continually, these types of dogs benefit from regular grooming, keeping the fur shorter helps with matting that can occur without regular brushing and combing of the coat. Matted fur is very painful for your dogs when they move or jump the skin will be pulled tight.

Short haired dogs can moult lots too and a good wash with my de shedding shampoo can really help to remove loose fur,then dried and brushed through, and hopefully help cut down the amount of fur that sheds at home.